Skype @Android

Hm, I’ve always been a bit sceptical with Skype. Too closed source, toclosed protocol, endless possibilities of abuse in case the protocol gotcracked, or some government-related service or other convinces Skype Incthat its in their best interests to backdoor all clients. And I since atmy workstation I used only chat anyway most of the time (for which thereare plenty other products out there), I kinda failed to see the point.

Now there’s Skype forAndroid, that has changed a bit. Having cheap VOIP software on my phone is quite a value proposition. Despite the news blurb, it seems to run ok on Android 2.0.1 (on Motorola Milestone). Some things don’t seem to work (file transfers, eg.), and it uses an improbable amount of space (some 13Mb), but generally it seems to work. Well, there goes…