To MVC or not MVC

Andrzej Krzywda opines that Ruby on Rails is not in fact modeled after the MVC pattern despite claims to the contrary. One could add that
Rails is not the only web framework or -application which misuses the
"MVC" tag. As Andrzej notes, the crux is that MVC requires the Model
to notify the View about any data changes. Something which in
classical web apps doesn't happen save for Websockets or similar
"push" technologies.
Indeed it seems that MVC has become some kind of marketing term, to
the point that not being "MVC" in a way reflects negatively on the
product in question.
Despite this, there are architectural patterns that make a lot more
sense for a web framework than MVC, which has its roots firmly in GUI
applications. For instance, Martin Fowler describes some patterns that are much closer to the way real web applications work.