Learning Go

That is, Go the programming language, not the board game.


I've tremendously enjoyed learning Erlang some time back, and I've
realized that besides the value the Erlang/OTP platform itself
provided, learning a new computer programming language has all sorts
of benefits in itself. So, I've since been more curious than ever
about programming languages. Also, these are good times for language
lovers: there are lots of interesting and powerful programming
languages around!
Especially Clojure had fascinated me, and I hope to be able to
take a look at it further down the road. In the end, I went for Go out
of practical reasons. My bread-and-butter language is Python, and a
language closer to the metal (like Golang) would complement it better
than the rather high-level Clojure. I wanted to experiment with
distributed systems type stuff, and an efficient systems language
would just fit the bill.
I'm on vacation now for a few days, and while the main project for
it will be spending time with family, I'll set aside some hours to
dive deeper into Go. I have already read a bit about Go, and today
Frank Müllers Go book arrived in the mail -- so for the most part I
will work through that.